Refrigerator leaks are a nuisance, but they also put the food inside at-risk of contamination or spoilage. Leaks may also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the refrigerator that depletes its lifetime and require expensive repairs. At the first sign of a Viking refrigerator leak, take action. It’s likely only a minor issue causing the trouble and fast response is all that is needed to repair the refrigerator.

Common Causes of Viking Refrigerator Leaks

A blocked defrost drain opening is often the cause of Viking fridge leaks. Food particles and ice may block the drain openings. Flush the drain opening with hot water to remove ice and food particles to resolve the leak. This is the first item to check on the refrigerator when there is a leak.

Check the drain pan if the defrost drain isn’t clogged. Liquid from the defrost drain empties into the pain. While you may normally see small amounts of water in the drain pan, a large amount of water may indicate a bigger problem. Check to ensure the drain pan isn’t cracked. A simple replacement resolves this issue.

Worn or cracked door seals may also cause the Viking refrigerator to leak. The cracked seals allow air to enter the refrigerator where it accumulates and flows to interior surfaces at the bottom of the unit where it then leaks out the door. Replace the seal to remedy this problem.

Is there a water filter on your refrigerator? Viking refrigerators equipped with water filters may also leak as the result of a damaged filter. Check the filter to determine if it is misaligned in its housing, which may cause a leak. A damaged water inlet valve is yet another common cause of Viking fridge leaks.

If the above tricks do not resolve your leaking refrigerator, call a Top Appliance Repair NYC today for service. Many other issues may affect the refrigerator, but it takes an experienced repairman to determine the cause. A repairman can inspect the refrigerator and its components to determine the cause of the leak, and then make a thorough repair that resolves the problem.



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