Most of us take our microwaves for granted. On seldom occasions, we take precaution measure to prevent the microwave from breaking down. However, we always run to the repair shop with this convenient appliance fails to function. We always think that the microwave will always be ready to make a quick lunch or warm breakfast when we are ready. Truth is it is a machine, and typical of machines they will have a tear and wear effect with time. You should always be on the lookout when it starts to slow down; those will be the initial tear and wear signs. Failure to have it checked by a technician can lead to huge damages that can be avoided. Here are some common problems that you might encounter that would need to call a technician to fix.

The buttons

The microwave buttons should be responsive to touch; if nothing happens when you press them, then you probably need a technician to fix the touchpad. Having a touchpad that is not working means you cannot heat the food when you want to. Failure to have it fixed beats the purpose of having the microwave in the first place. So call a technician when you notice the buttons are not working.

The doors

Typically microwave doors should trigger a light inside when you open them. If this is not happening, it means something is wrong with the switches, and you need to have them checked. However, microwaves are built to last for quite some time; it would not hurt to call a professional technician once in a while just to inspect it and confirm that everything is working. It will increase lifespan and give you longer service.

The lights

If you cannot see the light inside the microwave when it starts you probably need to replace the bulb. This is a common problem with most microwaves, and it should not come to you as a surprise. You will need to call a technician to get a bulb quote. It retails for two dollars and five dollars depending on the quality. You can fix the bulb yourself, but it is always advisable to get professional assistance for all home appliance problems.

Unusual noise

You should always listen to the sound your microwave makes when heating food. If the sound is loud or unusual, it can mean a few things are wrong with the appliance. Perhaps the drive motor, cooling fan has dust and debris, magnetron has a problem, and high voltage diode is not working or the roller guide just to mention a few. These problems you cannot fix on your own and you need to call a technician for repair. Failure to fix can lead to high energy consumption hence increasing your energy bill.

No heat

Your microwave is heat oriented, and if it is not heating the food, it means it is broken. Chances are the high voltage diode is burst, the door switch is not working, or the magnetron has a problem. You will need to call a technician to inspect the microwave and identify where the problem is. It is usually a 15 to 30 minutes job to inspect and repair. Do not attempt to repair it on your own you might end up causing more damage that it already has. A technician should advise if it is feasible to repair or replace.


Often you will notice sparks when the microwave is running. The sparking is dangerous and can cause a fire if fuel or high flammable elements are around. Do not use your microwave in this state; call a technician to take a look at it. The internal cavity, the stirrer assembly or even the high voltage diode can have a problem. A technician should inspect it and diagnose the problem. He should then initiate repairs which will include replacing the faulty parts with new ones. Once repairs are done, your microwave should be as good as new.



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