When your refrigerator goes out, it can be extremely stressful. Your food might ruin, and it can be pricey to have a repairman come to your home to fix it. However, if you know how to troubleshoot the issues, know how it works, fix the issues yourself, you could save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and money in the long run. Thermador refrigerators are easy to troubleshoot. Below, we have written a quick guide to get you started on your DIY refrigerator repair.

Know What’s Going On

Before you can start a repair, you need to know what is off about your fridge. Is it not cooling? Is it not running? Is it off completely? Asking yourself what is wrong is a great way to start your repair. Just like when a car or other appliance is experiencing issues, it is best to pinpoint what the major issue is with your appliance. Of course, you can’t fix something that isn’t broken, so finding the problem is the first step to finding the source of the problem. This is also a great thing to do occasionally to keep your refrigerator in tip-top shape. Taking a minute to do a quick checklist of the functions is a great idea as well.

Know How the Refrigerator Works

Once you know what the problem is with your broken fridge, you need to know how your refrigerator works to begin solving the issue. Most refrigerators work in much the same way. However, some of the refrigerators on the market might run a little differently, especially the newer Thermador models. Knowing the ins and outs of your refrigerator’s processes is ideal for knowing exactly where things are located and why they might be experiencing issues. If you aren’t sure how your Thermador refrigerator works, you can get out your manual or user guide, and give it a quick read. The Thermador website also has a guide to help you if you are experiencing problems.


The last step before starting the initial repair of your refrigerator is to troubleshoot. This is a combination of both knowing the issue and knowing how your fridge works. Luckily, the Thermador website has a handy troubleshooting guide that can help you determine what might be causing the problems your fridge is experiencing. The chart contains symptoms and things to check that might be causing the simple issues. Typically, there are easy fixes that a troubleshooting chart can help you with, but it’s not always possible. If you find that you can’t fix it yourself, you can simply call a repairman to help with any issues you can’t fix on your own.

It’s Okay to Not DIY

Sometimes, it is impossible to fix your refrigerator without help from a professional. In this case, you might be better off to call a repairman that knows the ins and outs of your refrigerator. Luckily, there are repairmen that are specialized in Thermador refrigerators and other appliances. These people know what to look for and how to fix it so your refrigerator can begin working properly within no time. Often, these repairmen might be a part of your warranty as well, so it is wise to check with your retailer before calling a repair service.


When your refrigerator isn’t working properly, it can be an extremely stressful time. Your food will spoil faster, your drinks will be warm, and your freezer might not work either. What do you do when it stops working? You start to make repairs, of course. It’s not always easy to fix your Thermador refrigerator at home, but it can be done. With a little research and troubleshooting, you can DIY your refrigerator repair. However, it is not always possible to fix all the problems with your refrigerator. If you find that the troubleshooting and repairs do not work, calling a certified Thermador repairman to help your fix the issues is a great way to ensure that your fridge begins to work smoothly once again.



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