Proper wastage disposal is a priority for any household and trash compactors are the machines that make it possible to get rid of trash effectively. For a home with a lot of garbage, a trash compactor offers an efficient way of minimizing the amount of waste that needs to be taken out. By compacting your household waste, they also reduce the amount of space the rubbish occupies in the bin.

A malfunctioning trash compactor takes away all these conveniences, which is why you need prompt, professional repair services. Some of the issues that arise in trash compactors are easy to solve like replacing a blown fuse in the electrical circuit. However, some problems need the expertise of trained trash compactor technicians to guarantee effective solutions, and that is what we offer our NYC customers.

Our trash compactor appliance repair services range on a broad scale to cater to the varying needs of different homeowners and businesses. Identifying that your appliance has a problem is the first step to getting it the right help. Some of the issues you can call us to deal with include;

Compactor won’t turn on – in most cases when a trash compactor doesn’t come on the electrical connections are the problem. An open door will also prevent trash compactor from turning on. However, if the electrical connections are working but there is still an issue the motor may be broken in which case a qualified technician has to repair or replace it.

Overly noisy appliance – by design, a trash compactor will give out some noise when it’s flattening the waste. However, when some of the components break or wear out too much, the appliance will generate unusually loud sounds. Unlubricated compactor shafts, a torn belt or loose chain, are some reasons for a noisy trash compactor.

Won’t flatten trash – an appliance can turn on but refuse to compact garbage, which may be due to a faulty belt or drive chain. A burnt out motor can also stop the appliance from compacting. Repairs or replacement of broken parts will fix the problem.

Drawer door won’t open – when the door tracks in a trash compactor accumulate debris, they can prevent the door from opening properly. A problematic opening mechanism may also be due to broken rollers, guides, or wheels.

Ram gets stuck – the ram in trash compactor has to stay in top form if the appliance is to keep flattening garbage. A broken drive gear, malfunctioning directional switch, and a faulty power nut can get the ram jammed.

Type of Trash Compactors We Repair

Trash compactors are built in different designs to cater to various garbage flattening requirements. Under-the-counter trash compactors are suitable when dealing with space constraints. They are designed without tops and can easily fit in between cabinets. Freestanding compactors provide counter spaces due to their finished tops. Convertible trash compactors offer a bit of both – they can be free-standing or under-the-counter depending on the intended use. At Top Appliance Repair, we fix all kinds of trash compactors. Our technicians understand the difficulty each type of installation presents and are ready to tackle them.

Why Choose Us

Household appliances need the highest level of care if they are to offer good service without too many problems. When a trash compactor starts to malfunction, you have to get a repair service that knows the best solutions for particular problems. If the drive chain or belt in your trash compactor is broken, you must be certain that the technician will get the best replacement for it.

Second-grade repairs can end up costing you more money in the end or damaging your appliance beyond repair. Our trash compactor repair services in NYC boost the lifespan of your home appliance by ensuring technicians use the latest techniques and parts to fix common problems. We work with brands such as Sub-Zero, Viking, and Thermador. Our licensed technicians observe the highest safety standards when repairing trash compactors. Whether you are dealing with a foul-smelling or noisy appliance, our NYC trash compactor repair services are available 24/7 at competitive rates.



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